You know, flying is tough. Flying is even tougher when you’re doing it non-stop, year round. I’ve done 311 shows so far this year and they’ve all been coast to coast, top to bottom. You’d think that with airlines filing for bankruptcy protection left and right, they’d change the way they treat their customers. Southwest Airlines is my fucking jam. If I could fly them every day, all day I would. Super convenient, super friendly and incredibly affordable.

There was some bad press years ago about them not treating fat people well, well, I can tell you it’s not true. Look. I have to buy 2 seats, but if that flight doesn’t sell out, I can call SWA, give them my confirmation number and get a refund. Fucking awesome.

You know who is not awesome? Fucking American Airlines. I was traveling for a gig in Boston last week. I have crazy anxiety and stress so I have a certified service animal that I’m supposed to fly with. I show up to the airport an hour before my flight with my service dog in tow. They make me hop from line to line over and over and cause me to miss my flight. I end up having to take a later flight, losing my chance for the only nonstop of the day. I ended up calling Lahna to come pick up Hoochie so she didn’t have to sit in an airport with me all day then do 8 or 9 hours of flying. That fucking sucks. Then when I go to get on my connecting flight in DFW they tell me that they gave my 1st class seat to someone else even though I was holding 2 first class tickets. Motherfuckers squeezed me into coach and I didn’t even get to my final destination until 2am.

So, despite my complaints and a simple request for a voucher or a refund they blew me off because they don’t care about you, me or any other customer. We took it to Twitter and I have to say, I’ve got some fucking hilarious fans, man. Hilarious. If you want to laugh your ass off, head over to my Twitter feed and enjoy or just search #fuckamericanairlines.

Hell, follow me and contribute. I’d love to hear how you’ve been ass raped by AA.


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